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help me please- baking problem

awkalov z | 24 Jun 2019 in Recipes | 1 Response

hey everyone, i'm so new to this baking thing. so for my first attempt, i tried to make banana bread by tasty (this is the recipe https://tasty.co/recipe/banana-bread#tips ). i used healthy ingredients such as whole-wheat flour, and i didn't use any sugar and oil instead i replaced it with honey and greek yogurt. i followed the step one by one. but in the end my banana bread is a total failure. my bread didn't rise, on the inside it's to wet and all soggy and mushy. is there something wrong with the oven heat? (i used bottom fan heat) or else. please i need your help, afterall i'm very new at this

1 Answer

Marli Meyer answered on 26 Jun 2019

Hi Awkalov,
If the banana bread wasn’t cooked through and still wet and soggy inside it could be that either it wasn’t baked for long enough or the oven temperature was too low. Maybe try baking it for longer next time and it could be worth checking the true temperature of your oven with an oven thermometer — the readings from the oven itself are often slightly inaccurate.
Hope this helps!

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