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Kenwood titanium chef dial overturned

Yumna Nassadien | 04 Jan 2019 in Kitchen Tools & Appliances (Category closed) | 1 Response

Hi there has anyone else experienced there Kenwood chef dial overturning and now it only goes at full speed? Unfortunately whilst cleaning it the dial was turned to far and now to cannot work other than on the highest speed. So sad, as some recipes require slow setting. Have been quoted R800 to fix it and probably will as I miss my machine, but wanted to know if anyone has any tips on preventing it in future. Thanks so much!

1 Answer

Yuppiechef answered on 16 Jan 2019

Hello, Yumna.

We're sorry this happened to your machine.

It's difficult to advise on how to prevent this in future, as we're not sure what happened to cause it to break. It's also unclear if the dial has simply gotten stuck or if the speed sensor or control board on your unit have malfunctioned. From what we can tell, it doesn't appear you got the machine from us?

We'd recommend having it looked at by a professional rather than making any attempts at fixing it yourself, as there are a lot of fiddly moving parts.

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