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Where do I find corn syrup?

Miriel O'Sullivan | 19 Oct 2016 in Shopping (Category closed) | 3 Responses


Hi there,

One of the newsletters had an photo of biscuits that were made using the YuppieChef Letterpress Cookie Set. In the photo, the biscuits were covered with rolled fondant (with letters imprinted on the surface). I wanted to give that a try, but with further research found that corn syrup is used to "glue" the fondant to the biscuit.

Is there something else one can use or a place where I can find corn syrup? Apparently it's not something we have here in SA. Or it goes by a different name (liquid glucose / glucose syrup). Could someone point me in the right direction?

Kind regards,

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Karen Pedersen answered on 22 Oct 2016

Best Answer

Hi, the baking shops sell glucose I.e. Value baking supplies, CAB, baking tin, etc. you could also try using some soya living to glue your fondant to biscuits


Miriel O'Sullivan answered on 19 Oct 2016

Sorry...just to add. It seems Google responded better to "Liquid Glucose" and that people say that you can find it in most baking stores or pharmacies. I'm in Cape Town - so far no Cape Town baking stores are coming up on Google that have it. Pharmacies don't really list their products very well, so I will try on in to one some time.

From here I should be able to come right, but if anyone does have a reliable baking supplies shop they go to for liquid glucose I would love to know about it.


Trys Puren answered on 31 May 2018

Linda's Bake and Pack in Westdene sells liquid glucose - apparently that is what we call corn syrup in South Africa.

Address: Corner Lancaster, 90 Aberdeen St, Westdene, Johannesburg
Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 5PM
Phone: 011 482 2125

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