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Printing recipes

Kathy Stevens | 01 Jul 2016 in General | 1 Response

Good morning
Please would you consider making your print friendly versions of recipes fit on one page, leave out the pictures and make then just black and white.
Thank you
Kathy Stevens

1 Answer

Jon Edwards answered on 21 Jul 2016

Hi Kathy,

When you hit the print / pdf button at the bottom of the recipe, you have the option to remove images by checking the "remove images" checkbox at the top of the print popup. You also have the option of deleting sections of text as you see fit.

Unfortunately, because the printed pages are rendered automatically, we're unable to determine what will fit onto a single page. Your only real option there is to adjust the text size using the "text size" dropdown at the top of the popup.

You should also be able to choose whether or not to print full colour or black and white in your printers settings.

Hope that's of some help.

Take care,

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