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Nut butter

patricia fine | 03 Jun 2016 in Techniques | 1 Response

Should one always soak nuts in water then dry them out in a slow oven (as in your recipe for Spicy Cashew Butter) before making a nut butter?

1 Answer

Sigrid Kenmuir answered on 03 Jun 2016

Hi Patricia,
There's a complex reason why you should soak nuts and then dry them before using in nut butter (see more about why and which nuts to soak here: http://blog.radiantlifecatalog.com/bid/69542/That-s-Nuts-A-Complete-Guide-to-Soaking-Nuts-and-Seeds),ut we do recommend doing so whenever you use raw nuts.

We recommend this over commercially roasted nuts, as those are usually either deep fried or roasted at such high temperatures, they become pretty devoid of goodness).

It seems like a bit of a schlep, but it is worth it (and a dehydrator can make the process a bit easier, rather than using the oven).

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