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Moira Kent-Brown | 18 May 2016 in Shopping | 2 Responses

I want to buy a gift off a reigistry for a kitchen tea but don't want it delivered after the event. I want it delivered to me so that I may take it with me.

2 Answers

Angela Hawkey answered on 18 May 2016

Hi Moira, my suggestion is that you buy the gift as you would a normal purchase (not off the registry) and have it delivered to yourself so you can take it along to the kitchen tea. Once you have given it to the bride, she can then remove it from her registry so no one else can buy it before the wedding. If someone by chance does buy the same item before the kitchen tea, the bride will be able to swap it out for another item/s on her registry to the same value. Shout if you have any further concerns.


Emma Vosloo answered on 24 Jun 2019


How do I set up a registry for my kitchen tea? I have already set one up for my wedding but can't seem to find one for a kitchen tea?

Thank you.

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