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JULIA BURET | 26 Jun 2015 in Kitchen Tools & Appliances (Category closed) | 1 Response

Where can I find old fashioned "baking bars". Metal bars usually used for pattisierie. You would use them to create a square (or whatever) and pour candy in to set. Result is perfectly formed and neat candy with "straight" edges.

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LINDT Master Chocolatier Dimo Simatos answered on 01 Jul 2015

Hello Julia , the bars you are referring to are sometimes called
confectionary bars & made from nickel or stainless steel ( heavy & straight )
we use them for setting all our ganaches /fudges /marshmallow etc. at our Lindt chocolate studios
they can only be ordered from international specialist websites
but a local & cheaper alternative is to use solid aluminium square bars , which come in various thickness
any wholesale aluminium supplier would sell these in 6 m lengths ( you just need to ask them to cut to size )
hope this has helped you somewhat
Lindt Master Chocolatier

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