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Kenwood Food Processer vs KitchenAid Food Processor vs Magimix

Sudashni Padayachee | 09 Apr 2015 in Kitchen Tools & Appliances (Category closed) | 2 Responses

Hi there

I am looking for avversatile food processor that does all sorts of kitchen tasks, asides from the chopping, grating, etc. Also liquidising and blebding (i.e for soups puree's, milkshakes etc.

Any advice?


2 Answers

Angela Hawkey answered on 10 Apr 2015

Hi Sudashni

What an exciting decision to have to make - a good food processor is really worth the investment and should serve you well for quite some time. Each of the 3 processors you have mentioned have their own benefits, and each one has a variety of functions including basic chopping, grating and dicing. The Kenwood is the only one that comes with a specific blending attachment - the current Multipro is not in stock but if you can wait a bit, we have a new model (also with a blending attachment) which should be arriving in about a month or so.

Here are a few more points to consider that may give you a bit more direction as to what you are looking for.

The main benefits of the Magimix (we’ve looked at the 4200XL here) is that it has the most powerful motor and a reputation for lasting a lifetime. The Kenwood Multipro is great value for money (it is by far the cheapest) and comes with a specific blender attachment which is perfect for liquidising and blending. It is also the most compact option as it is smaller than the other two, while the KitchenAid has the largest bowl capacity and has a beautiful retro look.

Think about what the most important contributing factors are for you - if price is key, perhaps go for the Kenwood. If style is top of your list, the KitchenAid is a beauty. If you are looking for longevity, go with the Magimix.

Good luck and let us know which one you choose!



Terry Higgins answered on 14 Mar 2020

I was a total advocate for my Kenwood chef machine with all its attachments (also very good), but the Magimix I was lucky enough to purchase for a mere 12 CHFs, is fantastic!!

I can make a potato aux gratin in so little time with so little noise and mess ( compared to my Kenwood chef), that I make this beloved dish much more often now.

This machine is really powerful, but as mentioned before, surprisingly quiet, and so fast!

Mine came with pretty much all the standard attachments and covers all your requirements, Though i also prefer hamilton beach. Someone can also look into some other good quality food processors here

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