Want to come for tea?

Are you an out-the-box baker or more of a two-minute noodler? What are your kitchen quirks? Which tools do you love to use and which would you love to see on Yuppiechef.com? These and many other questions are popping in our brains on a daily basis and we would love the opportunity to talk to you. Want to come for tea?


We’re hosting a couple of focus groups at Yuppiechef HQ in Cape Town, folks, and we’re keen as beans to get your input on a bunch of serious and not-so-serious things. If this sounds like something you’d like to be part of, please email our lovely Caroline (caroline.mclagan@yuppiechef.com). We’ll let our Mug of Destiny decide on who gets to be a lucky fish and we promise there will be cake.


The focus groups will be held from the 20th October to the 31st October 2014. If you’re keen to join us but you are not in Cape Town, let us know where you are and when we hold a focus group in your area we will be sure to get in touch.

It’s a date.