Your winning sharkfish captions

A little while ago we spotted this fish and pinned him to our Weird and Wonderful board. It seemed a pity not to let him swim to wider waters but when it came to Facebook, nothing was leaping out as the perfect post-caption… So, we asked you.


Over 500 comments flooded in and, from Jaws references (da dum) and clever puns to more serious pearls of wisdom, motivational directives and a host of cheeky fin / kitty metaphors, it was a treat to read them all. A big thank you everyone who shared a comment and gave us a smile!

As usual, we battled to pick just one and felt it only right to award seven runners up (who will each get a R100 Yuppiechef voucher for their efforts) as well as our grand prize winner of the R500 Yuppiechef voucher. Drumroll…

Luke Solomon’s winning caption-poem

A scrawny young goldfish named Finn,
was perpetually teased for being thin.
Now his weight still decreases, but he wears a prosthesis
and so nobody dares say a thing!

The seven runners up

This strap-on looked smaller in the catalogue” | Louella Sullivan
Goldie got ready for his High School Reunion” | Roland Straub
Fear me, I am gold shark” | Tessa Nathan
Ready when you are, Mr Spielberg” | David Waitforit Luppnow
I got 99 problems but the cat ain’t one.” |  Tracy Gowar
Are you over-protective when it comes to sending your kids to school?” | Pamela Cawood
What are you looking at, never seen a fish with a shark fin before?” | Rita Badenhorst

Well done, you lot, and especially to Luke who really wowed us with his poem. We love poems here at Yuppiechef HQ. If you’re a winner, please pop us a mail on so we can send your your prize moola. See you next time, folks.