Nearly 100 people share a meal with us in Windhoek

Remember when we said that learning to cook is like riding a bike? Well, a group of lucky people experienced a culinary cycle race last weekend at The Taste Academy in Klein Windhoek with our favourite host, Rhona Strauss. We were joined by 90 attendees at our second Windhoek cooking event and together we wined, cooked, laughed and dined – under a starry Windhoek sky – well into the night.


Over the course of the evening, attendees moved around 11 different stations learning a new skill at each one. The stations each featured a different dish, element of a dish or a particular skill. They ranged from more simple things like making jaffles, to whipping up salad dressings and aioli, also covering knife skills and the basics of wine tasting and pairing. You can head this way for a more detailed review of the evening by one of the attendees.


Once all the stations had been covered by all attendees, dinner was ready and we sat down to enjoy it together. Keen to get in on our next evening? If you live in Windhoek, follow The Taste Academy on Facebook for updates on events and perhaps another Windhoek cooking event, or let us know if you’d like to host a culinary cycle race in your country or town.

windhoek cooking event

If enough people are hungry to tap into the power of good cooking, great things can happen. See you for the next one.