5 reasons why Nespresso is the easiest way to your morning coffee

The Nespresso lovers amongst us will agree that once you go Nespresso – you rarely look back. They sing their praises from fast and efficient lounges the world over.  So, if you’re new to choosing coffee machines and looking to up your coffee corner status from granules to good stuff on the go, we’d like to introduce you to our old friend and show you why Nespresso machines are a smart choice for quick, great tasting coffee.


We’ve spoken a bit before about how to choose your Nespresso and 5 reasons why you might, but with every new machine the reasons to choose a Nespresso just become clearer.

1. Quick

Making coffee with Nespresso is the quickest way to produce an great cup of coffee. Even quicker than instant coffee. From the moment you switch it on, all the machines have a heat up and brew time of less than a minute, so you can have an espresso in your hand in less time than it takes to check your Instagram feed.

2. Convenient

The Nespresso capsules come in a huge variety of roasts, flavours and styles, 23 of them in fact, so it’s easy to find the one you love. Plus, new machines come with a welcome set of 16 free capsules for you to trial, so you can start drinking your favourite variety as soon as you’ve filled the water tank.

Nespresso Maestria

3. Compact

Nespresso machines are designed to have a small countertop footprint. Many home coffee machines take up a lot of space, and in a small home or apartment, that can be precious real estate. Depending on the model, your Nespresso will likely take up about the same amount of space as a large toaster.

4. Easy to use

Fill the water tank, pop in a Nespresso capsule and press the button that produces your desired coffee preference . That’s really all there is to it. So if you love coffee and want easy, consistent and fast results amid your daily routine, Nespresso really is the way to go.

5. Variety

Whether you like your espresso straight up or with a healthy dose of milk, there’s a machine for you. Almost every model has a version that comes with a milk frother, so if cappuccinos and lattes are your favourite thing (but your sister loves her coffee strong and black), there’ll be a machine for you.


With Nespresso, you get the best of both worlds – innovation and simplicity. Enjoy those quick, tasty cuppas.