Where to buy great coffee online in South Africa

Coffee is a defining characteristic of a civilised society, somewhere up there with wearing clothes. While caffeine is a natural part of chocolate and tea, many of us choose to get our daily pick-me-up through the loyal embrace of a good cup of coffee. But where to buy it online? Being an online store and thinking many online thoughts, we decided to do a bit of research around the best places to buy fantastic coffee online in South Africa and today we bring you our list of six top spots.

At Yuppiechef HQ, we’re committed to drinking Bean There Fair Trade Coffee. They provide single origin beans from a variety of African countries (think Burundi, Kenya, and Ethiopia) and will grind it according to need (filter, plunger, espresso machine) or supply the beans whole. Delivery is free nationally (subject to a minimum order amount) and you can order from their website.

Origin Coffee sports a wide variety of single origin and blended coffees, from all over the world, including countries from Africa, South and Central America, and Asia Pacific. They deliver within Cape Town for free, and elsewhere in the Cape and nationally for a delivery fee, contact them and they’ll quote you on your location.

TRUTH Coffeecult aims to provide an uncluttered coffee experience. With three Cape Town locations, TRUTH specialises in providing “artisanal style coffee [to] the coffee geeks out there in South Africa.” With the motto, “flavour, not bitterness. No sugar required“, they take their coffee seriously. TRUTH is starting an online store soon but for now, contact them to arrange your order (and check out their new spot in The Fringe district).

Kupa is Swahili for give, which is exactly what Kupa Coffee want to do. Well, not give you free coffee, but they do donate a portion of every sale towards social and economic upliftment projects. They sell coffee, tea and accessories and coffee is sold by style – espresso, filter, organic, or decaffeinated. You can order your coffee ground (filter, plunger, or espresso style), or whole so you can grind yourself. Delivery in South Africa is free (high five). Kupa Coffee has since rebranded themselves and are now known as Baseline coffee. Another advocate of single origin coffee, Rosetta Roastery bring coffee into South Africa from award-winning estates across the world (Africa, South and Central America, and Southeast Asia). Their superb coffee can be bought in 250g or 1kg bags with the option of ground or whole sold beans. All orders within Cape Town and Southern suburbs are delivered free, and any order over 5kg is also delivered nationally without charge. Order on their site. If you’re a lover of the coffee pod machine, you’ll want to know where to buy more. Espresso Shop stocks Cafe Caps and Caffeluxe coffee pods. They do charge a delivery fee, and deliver nationally. Yuppiechef also stock capsules, specifically Caffitaly coffee pods, in a wide range of roasts and strengths as well as two kinds of tea and a hot chocolate. As with all kitchen tools orders, our delivery is free. Next time the craving hits, simply order online and have your favourite coffee delivered to your door. If we’ve left out some gems, feel free to share them – where have you shopped online for coffee and had a great experience?