What makes a good knife and why it’s so worth having

If exploring and learning through kitchen adventures is like a visit to Narnia, then a good knife is the wardrobe that gets you there. Quite simply, it’s impossible to enjoy the experience without this element that transforms the ordinary cooking encounter into something truly remarkable.


The latest addition to the Global family, the Global Sai range of knives, has us thinking about choosing and maintaining these steadfast chopping companions, the tool that will help you on the path towards a solid culinary foundation. Here are a few things to consider when making some sharp decisions.

What makes a good knife?

  • It is hardcore: A strong centre can elevate a good knife to greatness. The heart of each Global Sai knife is made from solid 3-ply steel that maintains a hard edge, so it’s a sturdy, reliable worker.
  • Like handle, like blade: The relationship between a knife’s handle and its blade needs to be deeply intertwined. The outer edge of the Sai blade is made from the same steel as the handle, making the forge between the two extra strong, perfect for easy handling.
  • Get a grip: A comfortable handle makes chopping jobs simple and safe. The Sai knives have a groove for your thumb to fit into to give you the best possible grip for effective slicing and dicing.

How do you keep a good knife happy?

  • Keep it clean: To make sure your knife stays healthy and hygienic, wash it as soon after you’ve used it as possible with warm soapy water, then dry and pack away. This prevents food particles from corroding the blade. Although most knives are dishwasher safe, when the cycle is in full force knives and the rest of the cutlery can knock together, which may damage and blunt the blade.
  • Sharp, sharp: To keep your blade in tip top shape, sharpening is important. Whether you use a sharpening steel or a whetstone, regular honing is worth the effort.
  • Storage smart: The best way to store knives is in a knife block, an in-drawer knife organiser or a mounted magnet holder. These options preserve the blades and prevent them from getting chipped and losing their sharp edge.
  • Perfect pairing: Breathable bamboo is considered the best chopping companion for your knife, while granite and glass are hard, inflexible surfaces that aren’t great for knife preservation. Here’s a little more information on how to choose the right board for you.


So, why is it worth keeping a good knife happy?

  • To be precise: If your knife is in great shape, you are more likely to improve the quality of your chopping skills.
  • Quick work: Keeping your knife at its best means that you can work faster and move through food prepping at a quicker pace.
  • Long lasting: By looking after your knife, you increase its longevity, which means you’ll have it as a cooking companion for many more years.

May you embrace and enjoy every new cooking experience with a good knife at the ready – soon you’ll wonder what you did before the adventures began.