What is Bento?

It’s a fact that we eat with our eyes so it goes without saying that the appearance of our work lunch is as important as the contents. Heard of Bento? Welcome to the world of tasty looking lunches.

Bento = a single portion boxed lunch or meal common in Japanese cuisine.

The containers for classic Bento lunches are usually compartmentalised and the contents is selected and arranged so as to offer a balanced and attractive meal with healthy portion sizes. Bento is thought of as an art form and some go as far as arranging the food to resemble other objects such as flowers or cartoon characters.

Using the simple concept of Bento as a foundation for putting your lunch together helps to make sure, at a glance, that your lunch is varied and balanced. Here are three examples:

Hummus, ham and rocket multigrain wrap | Fresh baby carrots, Edemame beans, Rosa tomatoes & Fruit smoothie
Baby spinach rolled in slices of cold meat | Low fat cheese hearts, Rosa tomatoes, Multigrain crackers & Pink grapes
Moroccan couscous and chicken salad | Rocket, spinach and watercress salad with walnuts & vinaigrette, Fruit yoghurt

TIP: Separate food such as rice and salad using lettuce leaves or slices of cucumber. Small jars are ideal for salad dressings or sauces and silicone cupcake cups or the Le Creuset silicone prep bowls are perfect for keeping certain foods separate inside your lunchbox.

Having some inspiring kitchen gear never hurts, check out these compartmentalising and packing goodies:

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Got a great Bento lunch suggestion?