We’re growing…

Meet Steve. He joined our team today. He has come aboard as General Manager and will be generally managing things/us.

We had cake and tea to officially welcome him to our fold this morning. After only a handful of meetings he’s already getting stuck in, which is awesome.

One of the first things we tasked him with is getting a mirror ball for our office. Every time someone phones to rave about something we’ve done, or mails us a love note about one of our products – we plan to hit the lights, blast music and dance around the office for a minute or two (like it’s 1984). Possibly in a train formation.

Welcome to the gang Steve.

Written by Marina Pape

Marina was our very first community manager and spent her time having ideas, writing copy, recording the happenings around Yuppiechef HQ and scheming up ways to have fun. View more articles by .


  1. Marisa says:

    Hahahaha – can just picture everyone doing a train formation to the tune of Kylie’s Locomotion with a disco ball glittering in the sunshine…

  2. yuppie-chef-lover says:

    Hi ALL, so how does one get to work at Yuppie Chef? I would love to work with you guys. Your culture is just so refreshing and interesting.

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