Welcome to TWG tea

We’ve all heard of the tea in China, but did you know that Singapore has also long been at the centre of the tea trade? Understanding tea culture is an intoxicating journey and one that we’ve planted our sandalled feet into quite firmly. You might remember our exploration into the science and secrets behind tea, so you’ll know how vast and rich a tea experience can be. Still interested? So were we, and if ever there was a velvet curtain of tea worth peering behind, TWG Tea would be it. Meet this mind-blowing house of fine tea.


The history of tea in Singapore

Imagine a portal into a realm of aromatic coffee, reams of cotton, pungent spices and all the tea in the east, and you’ll begin to understand the trading metropolis that was Singapore back in the early 18th century. Huge wooden tea chests would float gracefully onto these shores from Siam, China and the like, and then into the teacup of the Queen of England. These delicate, epicurean blends gave rise to the establishment of TWG Tea on the shores of Singapore, in celebration of the history of the tea trade on this tiny, but important island.


So who are TWG Tea?

Originally known as The Wellness Group, TWG is known these days as a tea house with a super pedigree. With 1000 types and blends of tea (the biggest selection in the world), their tea is distributed to professional’s kitchens, TWG retail shops, and boutique tea rooms across the globe. If you’re lucky enough to have experienced a high tea at the hands of hotels such as The Table Bay in Cape Town, you may have tasted their delicious wares. TWG tasters travel across the globe to collect unique flavours and blend incredible tea just for your enjoyment. Love an Earl Grey? They have nine blends, each with something a little different.


We’re chuffed about having a selection of their unique and interesting, flavour-packed teas available in our online store. Even more so because the tins they come in are a work of art. Speaking of art, did you know that TWG have worked with the likes of Louis Vuitton to create the labels of their exclusive teas? Fashionable tea? Don’t mind if we do. We’re particularly fond of the Tea Party Tea, the Red of Africa rooibos infusion, and the Earl Grey Gentleman. They also make a crazy cotton tea sock for infusing your loose leaf teas with minimum flavour transfer. Now you know.

So next time you’re looking to wander down the road-of-no-return into incredible-tea-land, make TWG your stop, and you’ll never look at tea the same way again.