Welcome to the Cobb

Say hi to the new kid on our block, the Cobb Premier Cooking System. This stainless steel beauty is enormously efficient and has taken the outdoor cooking world by storm. Why, you might ask? Well, we were wondering the same thing. Let’s take a look at this award-winning little guy.

Cooking outdoors on the Cobb

Originally developed to help rural African families cook food easily and safely, the Cobb Premier Cooking System was designed to use dried corn cobs as fuel, as they were readily available (hence the name). Since it’s inception, it’s had a couple of redesigns and has come a long way since the original (cumbersome) spherical clay oven.


The Cobb is super efficient. With just six briquettes, you can cook for about two hours. You can also choose to use a Cobb Cobble Stone instead of a handful of briquettes for extra efficiency – just five minutes after ignition, the Cobb will be smoke free and ready to cook on. Now that’s quick.

Cooking inside the Cobb


The Cobb Premier Cooking System comes with a handy, hardy travel bag, into which fits the Cobb and most of its accessories, so you can carry your kitchen with you wherever you go. Even better, the clever design means that the base remains cool during cooking, so it can be moved if, for example, it starts to rain while you’re busy.

Cooking fresh foods in the outdoors


From searing and sealing to baking, roasting, frying, grilling, stir-frying and even boiling, the Cobb has a wide range of accessories available that enable you to cook up pretty much anything you like. There’s even a griddle pan and a wok.

The fire is started in the inner fire ring and its small size keeps the heat focused in the centre. Surrounding this is a moat, which can be filled with flavouring liquids (wine, juice, beer or stock), and/or veggies for roasting, or in foil packets for baking. The moat gets pretty hot, so veggies roast well and quickly here, which also makes it ideal for baking potatoes.

The Cobb carrier bag makes for super versatility

Cooking is mostly done with the lid on, which creates the closed system of an oven. The cooking grid surface funnels excess fat off food and into the cooking liquid in the moat, which then evaporates as steam, rising up, condensing on the lid and falling onto the cooking food, basting it naturally for a soft, moist result. You can even bake bread and rolls in the Cobb (just keep loaves smaller, for best results). The fenced grate raises food off the main cooking surface, removing the need to turn food all the time, allowing you to roast or bake in the Cobb.

cooking on the Cobb outdoors

So if you, like us, enjoy a spot of cooking alfresco, there’s no need to stick to the usual chop en wors on the braai, now you can roast, grill, bake, fry, and cook almost anything you like, wherever you are. Ok, so there’s no kitchen sink, but if you add a little water to the moat after cooking while the coals cool, it will almost clean itself. Welcome to the family, Cobb.

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