5 favourites from our Clean and Contemporary registry collection

Just like winter begs for layers and snug comforts to ward off the encroaching chill, spring is a great time of year to shed the excess fabric and details, returning focus to clean, crisp lines. If this look appeals to you then this selection from the Clean and Contemporary registry collection will sit pretty on your registry.

5 favourites from the clean and contemporary collection

1. Bugatti Blender

Smoothies, easy soups and dips bursting with flavour are such a big part of spring cooking that you’ll need a workhorse living comfortably on your counter for those blitzing tasks. Meet the Bugatti Blender, a kitchen champ dressed to impress.

2. Le Creuset Casserole

A great big casserole is not only easy to clean but also inspires many delicious one pot wonders. This elegant Le Creuset buffet casserole from the new cotton range will never date making it a classic, timeless investment.

3. Joseph Joseph Hands on Salad Bowl

Serving a light salad just got easier with this neat salad bowl set from the Joseph Joseph crew. When the walls of your salad bowl quickly morph into handy scoops for your tumbling toms a contemporary moment is born indeed.

4. Arcoroc Champagne Flutes

Whether you’re toasting to the new buds in your garden, or simply having a champagne breakfast (because why not, hey?), these fancy flutes from Arcoroc are the perfect, unfussy vessel to house your sip of MCC.

5. Menu Water Jug

Keep your aqua tasting fresh and within reach with this sleek and curvy water jug from Menu. A tight fitting lid keeps critters and funny fridge smells out and just like that your lunch time hydration levels become a lot more appealing.

Head this way to scope out the rest of the clean and contemporary wedding registry collection. If you like the whole look, adding it to your registry is one mouse click away. Happy spring folks.