Wedding planning advice from Yuppiechef brides and grooms who’ve gone before you

Unless you’re an event planner extraordinaire, pulling together the myriad of moving parts that form part of a large scale event like a wedding can be an extremely daunting task. We’ve all heard stories about the sweet friend that overnight turned bridezilla and while we completely understand how this can happen, we’d rather it didn’t happen to you. To help, we’ve gathered a few pearls of wisdom from Yuppiechef brides and grooms who’ve gone before you. Time doesn’t allow us to go back and change things, so hopefully some of this wedding planning advice will stick, to the point that instead of stressing in tough moments, you’ll shrug it off and enjoy the bigger picture.


Pick what’s really important

Margot: When working on a budget, rather spend what you can on what’s important to you as a couple, and leave out the rest. For example, if the photographs are important for you, pick your favourite photographer and eliminate the option of a videographer – you can ask a friend to record the speeches!

Fran: While most people recall things they felt on your wedding day, they are very unlikely to recall the type of flowers, the knick knacks on the table or the draping of the hall. Focus on creating a great atmosphere rather than on the small things that only you would notice. 


Keep the big picture in mind

Tim: If I could plan my wedding again, I’d obsess less about the small things that seemed important at the time but when you look back, don’t matter much at all.

Shannon: Try to enjoy planning your wedding from day one. It is a special time for both of you to enjoy –  don’t waste time getting stressed and flustered over the small details.


Make it your own

Tim: You’ll get lots of advice from relatives who think weddings should be done in a certain way. Take it with a pinch of salt and make the day your own. For our wedding, my band played a song as we walked down the aisle. It made it personal and meaningful.

Justine: Don’t get caught up in the picture-perfect money wheel. Try to add aspects that are unique to you as a couple and aren’t just there because everyone else did it that way (and generally forked out loads for it). No wedding guest would ever choose perfection over a sense of warmth and celebration – it’s those things that make a wedding truly special.

Jamie: For the ceremony, my husband and I wrote our own vows. It can be a bit daunting and took a bit more effort on our side, but it made things so much more personal and special. I’m so glad we did it!

Rob: My wife did most of the planning for our wedding but I surprised her with a few things on the day that I had arranged without her knowing. Just after kissing the bride, 5 of my oldest friends got up and sang a medley of songs to Bianca – songs that were meaningful to her.


Rope in your friends and family to help

Angela: My bridesmaid and I made my wedding cake, it cost a fraction of the price and was so much fun!

Justine: It’s so important that those around you know how you’d like (or are expecting them..) to support you. These things can be awkward but your friends and family really want to help, they just need to know how. It’s also important to keep in perspective that it isn’t just an important day for you and your partner but also for your families and close friends. Marriage can bring big changes in some relationships so it’s good to remember that yours won’t be the only emotions running high and that you must still show love, grace and gratitude to those around you.

Thandi: Let people help you so that you can take a step back and relax. If you don’t have a wedding coordinator, assign your mum, maid of honor or someone else who can calmly and firmly handle last minute flare-ups. 


Soak up the moment

Fran: It can be so easy to get swept up in the momentum of the day because it all goes by so quickly. Make a conscious effort as a couple to step back and take it all in, there are not very many times in your life when you will have all the people you love in the world in one place.

Use helpful wedding planning tools

Shannon: Excel or Google sheets is a simple but amazing tool for all your budgets and lists of things to do and plan! I also got a lot of joy from Pinterest, The Pretty Blog and Southbound Bride.

Fran: I used Pinterest as my main source of inspiration for our wedding, although at times this can get quite overwhelming. There is just so much inspiration out there! Choose a theme or colour palate or even some kind of singular idea that you can base all your thinking around. It will help you from getting pulled in too many directions.

Yuppiechef: You can save a lot of mall trawling time by creating your wedding registry with us. We’ve got an excellent selection of kitchen and home products and it’s quick and easy to set up.


With these few nuggets in hand, we’re sure that planning your special day will be easier and breezier. It’s one day in the rest of your life, but here’s hoping it’s a fun and memorable one.

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