We like your style

There is a beautiful cook book about pies available on Yuppiechef.com. The photos in it make you want to lick the pages, and we were delighted last week to meet one of the ladies behind the magic.

This is Jules Mercer, a food stylist with a Julia Roberts smile and impressive food abilities. She has just returned to South Africa after three and half years of food styling in London, and we sure are lucky to have her back.

Jules grew up in Zimbabwe “in the village” – which is quite non-specific, but we like that. She came to South Africa to study, before zipping over to the Ballymaloe Cookery School in Ireland to pursue her passion for all things food.

After stints in Malawi and Tanzania doing bush cooking for the Nomad Adventure Group, she headed to the land of tea, Big Ben and cricket and gained excellent experience doing freelance foodstyling for the likes of Angella Boggiano, Nigella Lawson and Delicious magazine. Here are a few snaps including some taken by photographers Craig Robertson and Vanessa Courtier during the shooting of Pie:

Jules mentioned being greatly inspired by Angella and Nigella (we love Nigella, check out her range of cookbooks). She is now based in Cape Town, and working as a freelance food styler.

We like her style. So if you have food that needs dressing up and a place to go, give her a shout.