Want coffee? Hello, Saeco

Coffee. So many addicted people, so little time. Along these lines, we want to talk about a kitchen applicance we are proud to supply – the Seaco Talea Ring Automated Espresso/Cappuccino Machine. First, some history.

The very first coffee makers date back to the Turks in 575 A.D. Most of us would probably die immediately if we drank the hardcore coffee they made back then. Luckily, things have changed and coffee makers have evolved. Through a chain of events we are not going to elaborate on – we now have fully automated coffee machines that can grind coffee, make cappuccinos and wash themselves. Awesome.

One such clever machine is the Taela Ring Automated one from Seaco. It’s part of the bean-to-cup family of machines, which means you put in beans and it fills your cup with deliciousness. It can make 30 cups of coffee per day, and has a double stainless steel boiler with 15 bar pump pressure.

It’s operated by a neat little dial – the Tip-Ring Interface – and has an easy-to-read digital display. It also has an energy saver and Aqua Prima water filter. So many good things.

One thing we especially like, is the Saeco Brewing System. You can adjust the intensity of the brew for every cup, which means each one can be made to taste.

Basically, it’s a mean machine and we highly recommend it. There are a lot of coffee machines out there. If you are on the prowl, make sure you pick a good one.

See the full Saeco range here.