Your ultimate pancake guide for the weekend

Weekends are a great opportunity to take things a little slower. The mornings are long and lazy, pyjamas generally stay on much longer than they should and the coffee pot often brews for round two while the paper is distributed amongst interested parties across the dining room table. A steady influx of pancakes completes this picture quite nicely. Here’s our ultimate pancake guide for when Sunday morning rolls around.


Pancake recipes to kickstart the weekend

The ideal thing about pancakes is that you can have them with just about any filling you feel like. Last night’s ragu? A crumble of chocolate and some fruit salad? Anything goes and it’s bound to taste incredible.

Tips and tools for perfecting those pancakes

They often say ‘don’t blame the tools’ when you’re not running at your optimal speed or your tennis swing isn’t acing like it used to. But when it comes to cooking – the right tools make all the difference. A wobbly pan with uneven heat distribution, a peeling surface and broad blistering spatulas don’t do much to inspire the pancake in you. With a few simple tools and tricks of the trade for pancake making, those crêpe-like treats are just a wrist flick away.

Cinnamon Pancakes-spat2

If you want to go big with your family pancake feast you could always make this decadent pancake cake. You know, since you only live once and all that jazz.


Here’s to a weekend of sharing more pancakes – and fighting over the last one. It’s ok, we all do it.