Typhoon Large Reversable Grill Plate

Last night I used my newest addition to my kitchen cookware – the Typhoon Large Reversable Grill Plate – for the very first time!  As a cooking fanatic and food lover – I have been on a personal mission lately to master the perfect steak – and it seems that I just may have found the solution!

The Grill plate fits perfectly over 2 plates on top of my stove.  Because of its weight (yes, it is HEAVY), it doesn’t move around at all when you are cooking on it.  Before using it – I “seasoned” it by heating it up slowly with a light coating of oil on it.  I let it warm up for a good couple of minutes while I seasoned the steak.  I used 35 day matured Rump Steak, lightly coated it in oil and generously sprinkled coarse salt and a fabulous new barbecue seasoning mix that I bought from Woolworths.


The sound that the meat made when it hit the grill put a smile on my dial.  It seared the meat beautifully.  There was no splattering of hot oil that normally comes with cooking in a pan.  I cooked the steaks for about 10 minutes on each side, turning them a couple of times.  I landed up with four perfectly cooked “medium” pieces of steak that tasted just as good as they looked!


I am super thrilled with this new addition to my kitchen and forsee many fantastic meals being cooked on it!