16 treasured kitchen tips and pieces of wisdom from mums

You can scour tons of kitchen tips articles and somehow the advice you get from your mum will always be ten times more valuable. We decided to draw on the collective wisdom of your mums and ours to bring you treasured kitchen advice only a mother could give.


1. Never make an angry cup of tea. Tea should always be made with heart.
2. Don’t ever use a damp cloth to handle hot cookware.
3. Marie biscuits with margarine and chocolate sprinkles make for easy, happy treats.
4. Make it simple and make it clean.
5. A good pestle and mortar is a cook’s best friend.
6. Clean as you go, by the time dinner is done, you’ll have far less to tidy up.
7. Fry your eggs on high heat.
8. When baking  always measure.
9. You can always add but you can’t take out.
10. Spread a drop of oil around a measuring cup before syrup or honey to ensure you get all the sticky stuff out.
11. Always taste your food while cooking.
12. Keep leeks and fennel fresh for longer by keeping it in a glass of water.
13. Own the best set of cooking knives.

And some funnies too

14. Food is the best way to a man’s heart  but then you’ll have to force your husband to go on a diet.
15. ‘Just make it up’ and have cake for breakfast whenever you can.
16. Don’t ask how to make it. Watch and learn.

Go check out the Facebook post where we asked you to share your most treasured kitchen tips or advice from mums for more of these sound bites of wisdom. And thank you to all who shared your favourite tips with us.