Top ten Dad-perfect tools for 2011

Since we figured you may be planning to celebrate some paternal awesomeness this Father’s Day 19 June 2011, we put together a list of some of our favourite Dad-friendly kitchen tools and suggest you have a look.

We’ll deliver to you or your Dad for free, anywhere in South Africa. Unconditional, free delivery… just like unconditional, free love. Except there’s a box. And a gift.

1. Bodum Travel Press Coffee Maker Mug (R280)
Great coffee on the go has been made extremely possible with this neat travelling coffee press mug – a fresh way to brew, from the clever folk at Bodum.

2. Zwilling J.A. Henckels Professional “S” 3 Piece Set with Free Sharpener and Bamboo Cutting Board (R2,100)
Life is too short for cheap knives.  This 3 piece set covers a broad range of cutting tasks and comes with with a complimentary bamboo board and premium quality sharpener, for keeping the blades in top nick.
3. Joseph Joseph Quicksnap Ice Tray (R120)
Releasing ice cubes from their trays is notoriously difficult but with this ingenious design, your Dad can say goodbye to ice blocks on the floor – a unique switch mechanism holds the ice cubes securely in place until required. Clever, hey?

4. I.O.Shen Chefs Knife 21cm (R995)
Every self-respecting chef needs a chef’s knife, the multi-purpose hero of the knife family. This chef’s knife is as suited to slicing and chopping veg as it is to carving meat, and at a medium size of 21cm meets a broad spectrum of food preparation needs.
5. Klean Kanteen Wide Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle (R210, with additional on-the-go lid for R60)
A slick bottle for hot or cold drinks on the go and out and about. Great quality. We like.

6. Vinturi White Wine Aerator (R550)
Just like you, wine needs to breathe (have you always known it, deep within?). Vinturi delivers perfect aeration in the time it takes to pour a glass. That’s good news.
7. CorkPops Wine Bottle Opener (R399)
A fun tool and an entertaining way to decork a wine bottle: simply insert the long needle through the cork and into the bottle, press the top, and… POP!
8. Lattemento Cordless Milk Frother (R795)
A wonderful companion for coffee loving Dads, creating perfectly frothed milk in 70 seconds with only one touch.
9. Kitchen Craft Pure Oriental Sushi Maker (R230)
The Pure Oriental Sushi Maker is a nifty tool for those embarking on a journey of home-sushi making, and specifically maki.

10. Top 100 South African Wines 2011 by Robin von Holdt (R150)
If your Dad likes the fruit of the vine, this up to date guide will be a treat indeed. It repositions South Africa’s top wines with clarity, vigour and integrity. Consumer-friendly and simple, this book will “de-myth the bunk”, yet keep the romance of fine wine flowing.

Check out this fuller selection of Father’s Day gifts, or if your Dad is not over the digital precipice, consider giving him a gift voucher and give wings to his first online shopping moment. Happy Dad-celebrating, people.