Top 10 wedding registry gifts of 2013

Yes, you’ve found yourself at the beginning of a brand new year but you’re still slap bang in the middle of wedding season. So, if you’re in need of a winning wedding gift or looking to add to your own wedding registry, this list of top registry gifts from our top 10 selling brands are great ones to consider. To tying the knot!

1. Kitchen Craft

It’s no wonder this Kitchen Craft Pizza Stone Set is such a hit. Which newly wedded pair wouldn’t cherish the chance to have family and friends over for a spot of homemade pizza? And ones with perfectly crispy bases no less.

2. Scanpan

Sauces work best when whipped up in smaller, taller pots. The Scanpan Impact Saucepan is just that and makes for a great addition to a newly wed kitchen. Plus its stainless steel surface allows for quick whisking, so no clumps and your sauce pan won’t be harmed.

3. Victorinox

After possibly the best three course meal of their lives, not every dinner has to be a chore. With a Victorinox Paring Knife in hand, conversation can flow easily while veggies are cut effortlessly. It’s a pretty sharp choice.

4. Le Creuset

For roasting a quick selection of veggies or for making bigger portions of bakes this Le Creuset Stoneware Rectangular Dish Set of 2 is a winning wedded addition. It’s really a game of match the right colour and you’re all set. So, not quite game, set, match, but you catch our drift.

5. Cuisipro

For expert flipping in the kitchen, these super useful Cuisipro Silicone Tongs will not only keep your non-stick pans scratch free but they’re easy to clean and can withstand the heat up to 300ºC.

6. Eva Solo

For some well lit downtime in the garden or on the deck, these Eva Solo Hurricane Lamps make for a classy addition to any entertainment space. A fresh, evening breeze might leave you wanting a sweater but it won’t leave you in the dark with these lamps all lit up.

7. KitchenAid

One day we’ll run out of things to say about this hero of all mixers. Today is not that day. The KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer is not only a champion for the baker, but allows for a wild selection of add ons so the lucky couple can make pasta, sausages and even open cans. See you’re nodding your head, this guy is an obvious choice. Now, just to choose the colour.

8. Bodum

A cup of comfort is never a bad thing. For mid morning coffees and lazy afternoon teas these Bodum Pavina Double Wall Glasses make for a touch of sophistication and homely elegance. Not to mention being nicely insulated.

9. Fortis

You can’t go wrong with a white dinner service like this one from Fortis and these Fortis Accents Soup/Pasta Plates were a hit in 2013.

10. Wusthof

The last thing you want is to serve up fancy steaks for dinner and watch your guests saw through them with hand-me-down butter knives. This Wusthof Gourmet Steak Knife Set of 6 will be a much appreciated wedding gift. Cuts like a knife, and it feels so right.

We hope this list of last year’s top wedding registry gifts leaves you well equipped for the next couple of weddings in your life. And if you’re still busy setting up your own registry, be sure to add these quick. You, like all the couples of last year, will be ever so glad you pointed guests to these kitchen tool gems.