Top 10 foodie articles worldwide

Online food journalism is like a scratch patch – there are lots of pretty precious stones but every now and then you come across a real gem, perhaps even a diamond, glistening and twinkling at you.

It’s been a tough job sorting through these gems in search of the Top 10 that have inspired us this month but, after careful consideration, we’ve chosen articles and videos that we think are worthy of a place on this soon-to-be-prestigious Spatula Top 10 Foodie Articles list.

Pour yourself a cup of tea or a glass of vino and sit back, relax and indulge in some of our favourites.

1. Oliver Thring: Consider the sorbet
Those folk behind the UK’s Guardian Word of Mouth Blog are pretty special and one of the shining lights is Oliver Thring.

Did Emperor Nero really send runners to collect snow from the mountains and did he boil the slaves in oil if they failed to return? Who really knows, but Thring’s article will get you thinking about your sorbet in a different way. Lemon and vodka sorbet anyone? Yes, please.

2. Graham Boynton: The last supper at El Bulli
One of the very best restaurants in the world is due to close in just two weeks. What is so special about it? Get an insight here.

3. Tiger in a jar: The beauty of creation
If you are wondering what a food journalism diamond looks like, look no further. US husband and wife duo, Matt and Julie, have created a tear-jerker of a music video involving beetroot cake. Need we say more?[vimeo width=”617″ height=”482″][/vimeo]

4. What Katie Ate: Happy 4th July
The 4th July may have come and gone but Sydney-based Katie Quinn Davies’ recipes and photographs inspire year-round. We especially love her salted butterscotch peanut popcorn. Yum. No wonder she has a cookbook due out later this year.

5. Delicious Days: Rice pudding popsicle with raspberries
Despite the winter chill, we’ve been pretty excited by the arrival of the Zoku QuickPop Maker and Delicious Days, based in Munich, has fueled our ice lolly fire.
6. David Attenborough: The Sardine Run
We’ve been tracking the Sardine run up our great South African coast and believe they have arrived in Durban this week. David Attenborough’s Sardine Run is epic.

7. Thirsty Strawberries
Did you know it takes 12 gallons of water to make one basket of strawberries? Farmer George, from California tells us about it.

8. Why Cape Town’s Woodstock Rocks: We love it when South Africa is showered with praise and here it is, our very own Woodstock, now a rocking foodie destination (it must be, the US Time thinks so).

9. 101 cookbooks: No bake chocolate cake
A chocolate cake made in 10 minutes without an oven. Sounds like a winner to us. Made by Heidi Swanson from California who is cooking her way through all 101 of her cookbooks.

10. The Kitchn: 10 ways to make a potato salad
Say goodbye to mushy potato salad with lashings of mayonnaise and see the potato salad in a brand new way. We like it.

Do you know of a foodie article worthy of note? Let us know and watch this Spatula-shaped space for next month’s list.