Top 10 foodie articles worldwide

We’ve kept our beady eyes open this month for foodie articles that make us feel giddy.

These 10 articles, published around the world, are our favourites –  they’ve inspired us and kept us on our Spatula-shaped toes.
1. Not all Dijons cut the mustard
Did you know that certain foods can gain protected status like Parmesan and Melton Mowbray pork pies? But poor old Dijon mustard hasn’t managed this feat and now every Tom, Dick or Harry can impersonate it. That’s just not cricket.

2. Would you shop in the subway?
British Food Giant, Tesco, has now expanded into the South Korea market with a virtual store in a  subway. Just use your smart phone and scan in the code of the item you want, choose when you want it delivered and hey presto.

3. Community gardens find theft is a fact of life
It’s not just London suffering from looting, New Yorkers are finding their cucumbers wandering too. This note to vegetable robbers out there made us smile: “Dear Plant Thief: If I catch you stealing my plants, I will boil you alive in a cauldron filled with poison ivy and stinging nettles until your flesh falls off your bones!”

4. My life on a plate: Heston Blumenthal
The man who has eaten leach, the ovary of a sea cucumber and also gorged himself on goose blood shares his thoughts on top ingredients, tools and trends, and what liquid he’d swim in if he had the choice.

5. Treats from the streets
Street food is ridiculously on-trend. Read about the street food of London and New York and how a new type of cuisine is emerging.
6. Paris gets its first 24-hour baguette dispenser – feel le pain
Move over auto bank. For 1 Euro, you can plug in your order (24 hours a day), wait a few minutes and voilà, a steaming, freshly-baked baguette is yours.

8. Top 10 Dinner Party Tips
Prepare ahead, cook a dish that screams ‘pro’ and go seasonal. Simple tips and recipes for a stress-free dinner party.

9.  Cone-ing is the new planking
OK, so we aren’t the only ones to spot this (over 5 million people have watched the video) but it’s had us in creases. Holding your ice-cream upside down really can be hilarious.


10. Baby’s palate and food memories shaped before birth
Maybe it’s because we have a baby on the way here at Yuppiechef HQ, but it’s kind of scary that a baby is developing tastes before it has even entered the world.

And that’s it for this month. If you spot a gem, let us know and it could feature next month in our top 10 foodie article round up.