South African recipe round-up

South Africa’s foodie favourites are a combo of many diverse cultures and flavours, enjoyed more often than not when eaten under starry skies or in the open air. So, with our rainbow cuisine forming a key part of our heritage, here are some proudly South African recipes to whet your local-is-lekker appetite.


Justin Bonello is an SA chef who knows how to give his guests patriotic goosebumps. He shared this recipe for spicy chicken livers for our 2011 Enkosi Cookathon Competition. Safe to say, it was a winner. Also try this layered artichoke and red pesto dip. You can hardly go wrong with breadsticks.

South African recipes


Whether you’re chucking some wood on the fire or creating a spicy mix of flavours in a potjie, every gathering needs a main event. These four dishes will have you singing Shosholoza in no time.

South African recipes

Stywe pap with sheba
Lamb curry with brinjals
How to make boerewors from scratch


Braais are possibly the best way to cook meat under the African sun but to take a good braai to great you’re going to need something to soak up all those meaty juices. Potato salads from Justin Bonello or a cooked onion salad (Rooi-splaphakskeetjies) are key contenders.

South African recipes


The open flame isn’t only reserved for dripping steaks and seared chops. You can toast some snacks to enjoy with your beers, ditch meat entirely and have a seafood braai and even make some dessert sosaties covered in fruit. Braaing is just that versatile.

South African recipes

Braaibroodjies – a braai classic
Fruit kebabs with chocolate sauce
Beef fillet with chimichurri
Crayfish on the weber
Beer chicken


Don’t forget to cater for your sweet tooth. A quintessential South African dessert goes a long way to making an event an occasion to remember. These classic puddings will leave you happier than Pumba with a log full of beetles.

South African recipes

Malva pudding
Milk tart
Banana bread

What are you doing this heritage day? We hope some of these classic SA recipes make it into your kitchen or onto your braai and are gobbled up in the company of many a jolly South African.