Our winter soup recipe collection

Cold nights call for quick cooking decisions. So, before you resign yourself to take out, consider any one of these tasty health boosters from our soup recipes collection. Whether you prefer broths, creamy creations or pots of chunky veg, these bowls of comfort and colour will see you through. Who said winter meant saying goodbye to bright, happy colours?

Soup recipe round up

Butternut soup

The creamy texture of butternut makes it the ideal candidate for a thick, wholesome soup. This butternut soup recipe even gives you four flavour alternatives so you can make a big batch and serve it with a different twist every time. Who would say no to a warm boost of vitamin C?


Pea, mint and crispy bacon soup

Peas are deceptive little veggies, containing a powerhouse of nutrition, protein and anti-ageing gems. This pea, mint and crispy bacon soup is a veritable purée of brightly coloured goodness.

pea and mint soup with crispy bacon

Homemade chicken soup

Chicken soup really does heal many aches and pains. This chicken soup recipe even incorporates a hearty, homemade chicken broth. So whip it up, grab some focaccia and dunk all your ails away.

Recipe for chicken soup

Roasted tomato soup

Did you know that tomatoes are one of those foods that taste better at room temperature than fresh out of the fridge? Now, imagine how many more flavours burst to life if you roast them to perfection. A roasted tomato soup is comfort in a cup.

Recipe for roasted tomato soup

Vegetable and lentil soup

A bounty of lentils and veg is a great cure for the season of sniffles. Try this recipe for vegetable and lentil soup, packed to the brim with carrots, split peas and celery. It will leave you feeling healthy and wholesome in a jiffy.

Recipe for a vegetable and lentil soup

Mushroom soup with watercress

Mushrooms make for a delicate, earthy flavour. Try this mushroom soup recipe topped with watercress for a classy winter warmer. It’s a simple, creamy nostalgia.

Recipe for mushrooms soup

Chicken and and lemongrass wonton soup

Dim sum, the Cantonese cousin of sushi, is appearing on more and more Asian fusion menus of late. Here’s a warm, brothy recipe for a do-it-yourself chicken and wonton soup.


Sarah Graham’s cauliflower and bacon soup

A classy recipe for easy to make cauli and bacon soup straight from the pages of Sarah Graham’s Smitten. This one has been made many times within our office walls and we can’t stop singing its praises.


Vegetable, crispy chorizo and barley soup

A wholesome, chunky soup filled with veg, lentils and healthful goodness this is one vegetable, chorizo and barley soup for the books.


We hope this collection of soup recipes keeps you healthy and inspired on any chilly night the season throws at you.