Some slowing down with a free wallpaper for March

There’s a row of trees that I drive by nearly every day, never really noticing as they gradually change from barren to once again, covered in new shoots. Every time I make a mental note to pay closer attention as the leaves transform. This morning I looked up and the canopy above me was a russet hue of burnt umbers and crunchy orange. I missed it, realising slowing down is actually very hard.

But I genuinely find baking helps. The gentle sifting of flour, falling like white snow, the patience required for bringing chocolates and syrups to temperature, dough rising, yeast expanding, biscuits bronzing. For March, we’re hoping things will take on a more gradual pace within our walls and we hope you find comfort in the nostalgia of a recipe like these delicious jammy dodgers. March on, but may you march slower.


Download the free wallpaper for March

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iPhone 5

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