10 Secret Santa gift ideas for under R100

Your family Christmas probably won’t be the only time you partake in some merry gift giving this season. Office Christmas do? Or festive friendly gathering? Maybe your family is so large that you’ve started playing a mystery gift giving game? If so, we have a neat list of gifts for under R100 that will make sure your Secret Santa gift is the most coveted of all. Sound good? Let’s play Secret Santa.


1. Coffee

Giving some great coffee beans is a wise Secret Santa choice. Whether you go with LegadoDeluxe or Origin, some quality grinds will be worth plotting over.

2. Mode Fridge Monkey

The games this year will definitely turn into a monkey business if this organised friend is up for grabs. Throw in a beer or two with your Fridge Monkey and you’ll have one happy Christmas camper.

3. Chefn’ Garlic Zoom

Most people enjoy a good crush of garlic and if they can get that by playing race cars with their food then hey! Be gone vampires, be gone. That’s how the Chefn’ Garlic Zoom rolls.

4. Bottlegreen Elderflower Cordials

A lovely cordial from Bottlegreen will go down a treat and the lucky person who wins this will surely share a toast with you for bringing it to the party. Cheers to flower power.

5. Victorinox Paring Knife

A game of Secret Santa can be tricky if someone swipes your preferred item out from under your nose. With this sharp Victorinox paring knife, the lucky person who pulls it out of the stocking won’t be wanting to swap anytime soon. A handy friend in the kitchen, this one.

6. Prince Albert Extra Virgin Olive Oil Karoo Blend

This pretty tin of Prince Albert Olive Oil will stand proud on any kitchen shelf, oh and it’s full of golden nectar too.

7. NoMU baking kits

For any cake, biscuit or cupcake baking emergency, or when you just don’t feel like all the trouble, any one of these NoMU baking kits is a real keeper.

8. Le Creuset Spatula

Stir in a some eager anticipation by adding this nifty Le Creuset Spatula into the Secret Santa mix. You can’t go wrong with Le Creuset.

9. Barretts Ridge Beer Bread

Homemade bread in a flash. Watch your festive friends vie for this tasty bag of Barretts Ridge Beer Bread, to make whenever the mood strikes.

10. Kitchen Craft Porcelain Comical Character Mugs

For a laugh and a jolly cup of tea why not bring Lionel Rich Tea to the party? And there are more classics to choose from.

We hope this gift selection helps you along to easy gifting this year. For more Secret Santa gift ideas, walk this way.