6 awesome cake topper ideas from Pinterest

Here at Yuppiechef HQ, we’re still basking in the glow of our eighth birthday last week. And when it comes to celebrations, cake is always the answer (no, we don’t really care what the question is. Cake is still the answer). So hang the bunting and ready the candles, folks, because here are six cake topper ideas from Pinterest that are going to take you straight to hero.

1. Sparklers

There’s nothing quite like the glow of sparklers to let everyone know it’s party time. Stick a few on top, light things up and let the good times roll.

2. Bunting

Where there’s bunting, there’s festivity. Use anything you like from buttons and paper to pretty pinwheels and string it up between two skewers. Bingo.

3. Edible decorations

Want to get stuck in and eat the pretty topper? Spun sugar and chocolate typography are super ways to make your cake say exactly what you want it to (even if that’s just, ‘Ooh, yum.’)

4. Pompoms

When all else fails, there are pompoms. Make yours from wool and use them over and over again to spruce up even the humblest pie, or cut quick ones from paper for a pop of pretty.

5. Party decor

Why not use what you have on hand? Candy necklaces are great fun, both for party packs and for stringing in simple lines above a cake. And then there are teeny, tiny balloons! Need we say more?

6. More is more

Never forget that it’s your cake and you can do what you like. Cut out words from cardboard and stick them to skewers, or top your cake with a profusion of lollipops, candles, sweeties and sprinkles. The sky really is the limit.

So, next time you’re stuck for a pretty topper for your cake, we hope this gives you a little something to chew on. Go forth and bake, folks.