A pink mojito to see you through summer

Whoever said pink drinks were to be scoffed at, definitely hasn’t laid hands on this here jolly, pink mojito. If you think mojitos, you generally think of the land of cacti, Sombreros and Speedy Gonzales. So, it’s fitting that the mojito is our drink of choice when it comes to the lazy, hot summer months. We jewelled ours up with pomegranate rubies, so it will not only look great amid your festive spread but also keep you cheerful through out the holidays.

Pink mojito


Prep time: 10 mins | Cook time: 0 mins | Serves: 4

2 Tbsp white sugar
3 limes, juiced
A big handful of stalky mint
250 ml white rum
Ice, broken
Soda water
2 whole pomegranates or 200ml pomegranate juice
Angostura bitters (optional)
Lime slices and extra mint sprigs, to serve


1. Mix the sugar and lime juice in a cocktail shaker, then add a large handful of mint (including the stalks).
2. Using a rolling pin or the end of a wooden spoon, bash the mint until broken up and fragrant. Give the mixture a good shake before removing the stalks.
3. Add the rum to the mixture and shake once again.
4. Divide the mixture between 4 glasses, top with a few ice cubes and add soda water to each glass until ¾ full.
5. Holding an uncut pomegranate tightly in your hand, beat it repeatedly with the back of a wooden spoon to loosen the pips.
6. Cut your pomegranates in half over a small bowl to catch the juice. Add the pips to the juice bowl as you go and once you’re done, divide it between the 4 glasses.
7. Serve with a dash of bitters (if using), lime slices and mint sprigs.

pink mojito recipe

If you happen to own a blender, pass your ice through it to get your pink mojito to a more slush-like consistency. Don’t forget to scoop out the pomegranate pips once your glass is empty. If you’re lucky, they’ll have soaked up some of the rum… er, flavour and provide an extra bit of refreshment.