Picnic ideas for kids

Picnics are a great way to bring the whole family together but when it comes to packing the hamper, kids don’t necessarily enjoy the same finger foods as the adults. Here are some picnic ideas the little folk will enjoy making and eating.

picnic food ideas for little people

1. Cheesecake in a jar

When in doubt, start with dessert. This happy mix of cream and crunch doesn’t even need to be baked. Make this cheesecake with an oreo or fruit topping.

kid friendly cheesecake in a jar

2. Muffuletta

Want easy food that won’t fall apart on the family quilt? These kid-friendly muffulettas are wholesome and simple as a sandwich to put together.

Muffaletta for kids picnic

3. A carafe of water with frozen fruit

After all that running around, refreshments are always in order. Instead of sugary juice, why not add frozen fruit to some chilled water? Simply freeze fruits a day or two before (we used strawberries, grapes and lemons in a carafe) and pop them in to sink to the bottom.

frozen fruits in water for kids picnic

4. Strawberries with chocolate ganache

What’s a picnic without some chocolate covered smiles? Here’s a creamy ganache to go with some seasonal berries. Dunk and enjoy.

Strawberries and chocolate ganache for kids picnic

Break 200g chocolate into individual pieces and place in a bowl. Heat 125ml cream on the stove until almost boiling. Pour the cream over the chocolate pieces and stir until chocolate is thoroughly melted.

Chocolate dipped strawberries for kid picnics

Whether it’s a teddy bear’s picnic or a summer sunset concert, these picnic ideas for kids will get them just as involved when it comes to planning outdoor gatherings.

picnic ideas for minichefs

Careful though, they might love the cheesecake in a jar so much, they’ll expect it in their lunch boxes.