6 thoughts to inspire change from Pete Evans the Paleo Chef

When you think about it, you really are (quite literally) what you eat, and for whatever that means for you, I’m happy as long as you’re happy. But as I got older, I struggled more and more with a lack of energy, allergies and a general lethargy, until I decided there was more to life than being tired all the time. Pete Evans, a celebrity chef from Australia, had the same realisation, and his road led him to the paleo lifestyle. What does that mean? It means more whole food, less pre-packaged stuff and a whole lot more life. Keen to hear a bit more from the Paleo Chef? We asked him a few questions.


1. You’re a chef, which can be pretty traditional – when did you discover the paleo lifestyle?

Over 4 years ago, we came across the paleo way of life and it struck a chord on so many levels for me and my family and the rest is history.

2. You say in your book that your whole family eats the way you do – do you have any tips for weaning kids off junk and onto real, wholesome food?

Getting the kids into the kitchen is the first step, as it is about accomplishment and a sense of achievement and education. Secondly, just don’t buy any rubbish, it’s easy!

3. You’re Australian and mention a few recipes for kangaroo in the book – any substitute suggestions?

All the animal proteins listed can be substituted for any other animal protein. For instance, roo can be subbed with lamb or beef or chicken or maybe seafood too. (Editors note: considering kangaroo is a game meat, we think our local ostrich would make an excellent substitute).

4. What’s with all the sprouted and fermented foods?

These foods are paramount for good gut health along with daily bone broths.  You won’t look back once you include these in your life.

5. How does the paleo lifestyle differ from our Banting/LCHF lifestyle?

Very similar actually. Tim Noakes is a mate of mine and I applaud what he has managed to do in SA.  Paleo takes out dairy as well as so many people are intolerant to it and it causes inflammation.  The paleo lifestyle that we promote is low carb and healthy fat (LCHF).

6. If you had to eat one thing every week for the rest of your life, what would it be?


So, there you have it. Using food to heal what ails you? That’s something worth considering, isn’t it?

Head this way to check out Pete Evans’ cookbooks. It might be just the thing your kitchen shelf needs.