A peppermint crisp pudding for your screen? October’s wallpaper

Spring has sprung and we’re surrounding ourselves with all things refreshing and crisp. This doesn’t have to mean a salad-only diet for months to come, no siree. Enter the uniquely South African and ultra tasty peppermint crisp tart

We have also just celebrated Heritage Day and, if you’re South African, you may well have grown up with this treat. Whether you had it at home, made by mum, or out of a wineglass in a local family restaurant, we think you should give our recipe for this classic a go. 

If you need any additional motivation to whip up this beauty, add it to your screen as a reminder to stock up on Peppermint Crisp, caramel, condensed milk, coconut and all the other good things it’s made of. 

HD Desktop

1980 x 1080 (with calendar) – download
1980 x 1080 (without calendar) – download


1440 x 900 (with calendar) – download
1440 x 900 (without calendar) – download


1024 x 768 (with calendar) – download
1024 x 768 (without calendar) – download

Smart phone

320 × 480 (with calendar) – download
320 × 480 (without calendar) – download

Standard Android

960 x 800 (with calendar) – download
960 x 800 (without calendar) – download

iPhone 4

640 x 960 (with calendar) – download
640 x 960 (without calendar) – download

iPhone 5

640 x 1136 (with calendar) – download
640 x 1136 (without calendar) – download

Facebook cover photo

851 x 315 (without calendar) – download

Pudding certainly is the best way to be nostalgic, no?  Happy September everyone!