Some excellent pancake recipes

In the mood for pancakes? We knew your answer would be yes. Actually, when is one not in the mood for pancakes? Read on for a stash of mouthwatering pancake recipes for you to feed that almost endless pannekoek craving.


A classic pancake recipe

A classic pancake recipe is an essential trick to have hidden up your sleeve. A sprinkle of cinnamon sugar and squeeze of lemon juice is all it takes. Et voilà, pancakes sorted.


Chocolate pancakes with fresh raspberries

There are few better combinations in this world than dark chocolate and fresh raspberries. The tartness of the berries cuts through the bittersweet richness of the chocolate. A total delight, especially atop these chocolate pancakes.


Spinach and ricotta pancakes

We are all well acquainted with our favourite sweet pancake fillings (and can be very particular about them). Don’t, however, overlook the savoury variety. Head this way for our recipe for spinach and ricotta pancakes, an easy weeknight meal waiting to be made.


Peaches and cream pancakes

Peaches and cream is not a common pancake filling but, trust us, it is oh so delicious. The fleshy fruit and vanilla cream is light and fresh. So if you are looking for a taste of summer on a gloomy day, we suggest you give this delightful pancake filling a go.


Teacup pancakes

If you are looking for pancakes that are more like the fluffy American-style ones, then look no further. Sarah Graham shared her recipe for teacup pancakes with us. Why teacup pancakes you ask? All your measuring is done with one nifty teacup. Smart, hey?

teacup pancakes

May there be many pancake-filled feasts in your future!

Did we miss one of your favourite toppings? We would love to hear what it is, give us a shout.