Behind the scenes of our new commercial: puppychef

We’re told by authorities in the film and advertising industries that one should avoid working with animals if possible. They have little regard for shooting schedules and budgets – and why should they? In their world, investigating the intricacies of the cameraman’s shoe laces mid shot is probably more interesting. Ignoring this wise warning, we set our hearts on creating a series of commercials featuring Bella the French bulldog. Here’s how it all came together.

Puppychef - The Making Of

Where did we get our inspiration?
A creative idea often goes through many iterations before reaching the final product, passing through many hands and undergoing many revisions. Our concept started its journey with the photos that some of our customers have sent us, showing their pets enjoying our packaging. Check out the full selection of pets in our packaging snaps.

Apart from being just plain cute, these photos showed an interesting link between us, our customers and their pets. How long would it be before we saw our first non-human customer? The idea was born.

Pets in packaging

Finding the right pup for the job
Strangely, none of the pet resumes we were sent included ‘Shops online for kitchen tools’. During one of many casting sessions, an experienced animal trainer made a point of telling us, ‘Everyone comes to me with Youtube videos of animals doing crazy things, expecting me to provide them with something similar. I’m sorry but I don’t have a list of dogs who can jump on a trampoline while barking the national anthem on command…’ Perhaps our naive Youtube research had been in vain.

Everything changed the moment we met Bella. She’s unbelievably cute with larger-than-life-bat-ears and took a liking to our Macbook. With a stroke of luck, we had found the techno-savvy pup we’d been looking for.

Bella the Puppychef

The day of the shoot
Shooting a commercial is orchestrated mayhem from start to finish. Working through a maze of lighting gear, people, animals and continuity challenges, it really takes the efforts of a great crew to magically produce beautiful footage that can be sent off for post-production. All we can say is that a steady supply of coffee and high-fives seems to help.

Puppychef Shoot

And, of course, a prize French bulldog who knows Yuppiechef like the back of her paw and can shop online, no problem. High-five for a job well done, Bella.

Bella - High Five

The final cut
It wasn’t easy but with the help of some stellar people and a remarkable dog, we pulled off two commercials that we’re proud of.

Take a look.

Bella the Puppychef

Bella rescues tea

With thanks to:
Bella, Sarah and Lauren – our talented cast.
New Creation Collective – for working their production magic.
Paul Galatis – for the use of his home.
Marina – our very own in-house professional voice over artist.

Check out Bella’s personal account at