Our 3 most loved cake recipes for the year

Unless you’re a die-hard baker, committing to buying all the ingredients, baking the cake and then praying it’s not a flop can all be a bit intimidating. Much rather just go buy a cake from the local deli, hey? Or, you could comfortably delve into baking one of these three cakes. They’re our 3 most loved cakes for the year so far, our most visited (and hopefully baked) cake recipes, so there won’t be any disappointment here.


There’s nothing quite like seeing our cakes come to life in your kitchens, so we’ve pulled through a mini selection of these much loved cakes, baked by our community.

Layered peanut butter cake

Peanut butter is a love-it or hate-it ingredient. But if you love it, the whole world opens up to a realm of delicious, moreish comfort food – the kind you can happily sink to the kitchen floor to devour, in hiding, with a teaspoon. @Naqiyah_mayat and @melissajanebotha made this layered peanut butter cake their own.

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Oreo and Nutella cheesecake

Ever since that cute kid showed his pet labrador how to eat an Oreo, this biscuit has risen to new heights of popularity. Use it in baking (as is the recent trend) and people will pretty much stand queue for a bite of crumbly bliss. @booksbakesbio and @hellokneli added the Oreo and Nutella cheesecake to their cake baking repertoires.

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Mum’s recipe for carrot cake

The day Michele Smit shared her mum’s recipe for carrot cake, many of our baking woes came to a halt. This is such a delicious, easy failsafe cake, there’s no need to ever find another. @tableforfivedubai and @shai_lini were two of many who discovered the wonders of this winning cake.

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