Have you seen our new wedding registry?

When it comes to weddings, we take things just about as seriously as the bride does. Arum lilies or roses? It all matters. In an effort to make the experience of getting married that much more enjoyable we’ve decided to up the ante of our wedding registry service yet again. Keen to see what’s new in the world of weddings with Yuppiechef? Get a load of these top notch new features.


While we already think that our wedding registry service is a rather fancy affair, we felt it was due for a makeover and wanted to offer you folks something truly world class.
We officially launched the new look at this year’s Wedding Expo in Johannesburg and while we don’t kiss and tell, we will say that there was quite a bit of enthusiastic feedback from brides to be. Here’s the scoop.


Starter collections

With so many options out there we can understand that putting together a curated wish list for your new life can be quite challenging. What if you don’t know what look you’d like? That’s why we’ve created Starter Collections. Take your time scrolling through a range of pre-curated selections of kitchen and home goodies, from a Basics Collection to an epicurean Entertainer Collection, you can quickly and easily identify your combined personal style and needs. If you like the whole look of a specific Starter Collection, simply add the entire collection. You can always remove individual items later. Neat, hey?


Thank You Manager

This exciting new feature on the Yuppiechef registry is an additional treat to being able to swap your gifts out after the cake has been cut. Basically it consists of an opt in/opt out functionality in which you can track your registry purchases in real time.

You’ll be able to see who bought what and their contact details so you can get a head start on all those thank you notes. This feature also offers you the option of being pinged by email when these live purchases occur so you can be on top of your to-do’s with no stress waiting for you after the wedding. Should you wish for all the gifting to remain a special surprise, simply opt out of the Thank You Manager functionality.



We get that your wedding day is an expression of the shared life and preferences you and your partner wish to cultivate. So why should a wedding registry be any less personal? Our new registry service allows not only for a completely personal gift choice selection but will also soon incorporate elements for the couple to personalise the look and feel of their registry. Choose your own cover photo from a beautiful range of curated and themed photos that will add a special touch to your wedding registry and hopefully inspire your guests. This new feature is coming really soon.


Family discount

Here’s another soon to be released new feature that will make gran and grandpa happy too. For every registry set up, the happy couple of that registry can nominate 3 special friends or family members, who will each get a 10% discount on their purchase from the couple’s registry. There is a minimum spend of R1000 for this discount voucher, but even if they weren’t planning on spending that much, they can club together with some other guests, sharing the 10% discount among them. As long as the purchase goes through in one cart the discount will be applied and they’re good to go.

Aside from all these great new features, our registries still offer free delivery to your door of choice. Which is like hearing brand new exciting information, every time.

If you’re a soon to be budding bride, go on and set one up to see just how easy and pretty our new registry service really is.

Folks, we’re running a special from the 1st of June 2014 to the 31st of August 2014, where anyone who sets up a new registry between that period stands a chance of winning a shiny, new KitchenAid Stand Mixer. Keep your eyes peeled for the entry form.