Our most loved recipes of the year so far

Life is about celebrating – big victories like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and accomplishments and small victories like unscrewing the gherkin jar when no one else could, finding a pair of matching socks or blowing a giant bubble of gum without your eyebrows being compromised. We took a moment to reflect and celebrate the most loved recipes that have hopefully brought much joy to your kitchens this year. If you haven’t yet made them, here’s your queue.

Quick and easy scones

A scone that’s fresher than fresh, smothered in butter, cream and great big dollops of jam is a simple pleasure to add to your morning. Our food and drink buyer, Rina, shared her easy-to-master recipe with us.


Top Deck cupcakes

Cupcakes live in a category of their own and when one comes along that offers decadence and the worlds of both white and milk chocolate, it just begs to be baked. Enjoy licking the batter bowl.

Layered peanut butter and caramel cake

Peanut butter is a love it or hate it food. If you’re on the side that scrapes the jar clean and licks the knife after making a sarmie, this cake is going to knock all others out the park.


Banana bread

Bananas have a tendency to go off rather quickly and once they’re en route, there’s no saving them. Instead of mourning their loss, this classic banana bread with optional cream cheese and pecan frosting takes them to new heights.

banana bread

Rocky road

This one is a dessert classic and oddly enough not nearly as fancy to make as you would think. A smothering of melted chocolate covering your favourite selection of candy, nuts and treats and you’re half way there.
It didn’t really surprise us that our most loved recipes thus far were all baking recipes. Few things compare to the bliss of freshly baked goods, warm from the oven, begging to be sampled and your house smelling like a confectioner’s shop. Bake on, folks.