Monochromatic moods for a free wallpaper for July

In the bloom of spring and summer, our senses are overwhelmed by fragrant aroma and vibrant hues. Now that we once again find ourselves in the darkest, wettest throes of winter, I notice myself discovering the textured layers in the world around us and seeking them out in all my culinary cravings; bold soups accompanied by crunchy bruschetta and toasted pumpkin seeds or roasted vine tomato flecked with the cracking grind of salt and pepper.

While scent and colour might allow us to engage with the lofty aspirations of our heads and hearts, textures evoke the visceral within us. Be inspired to seek out the balance of rough and smooth with our free wallpaper for July and I guarantee your hungry winter heart will thank you for it.

Download the free wallpaper for July

HD Desktop

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iPhone 5

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