Minichefs: moulded chocolate treats

Chocolate: from childhood and ongoingly this creamy friend beckons us from half-licked mixing bowls, temptation aisle at the supermarkets and the less-healthy variants of cereals and biscuits (wholewheat digestive biscuits are the enemy).

All children should experience through words the world of Charlie and his magical factory. And all children should have the pleasure of making their own chocolate treats.

Tools used:
plastic microwave bowls
chocolate moulds (these can be found in most specialist baking shops)
ice-cube tray
paint brush

Ingredients used:
white, milk and dark cooking chocolate
sugared cherries
raw un-salted peanuts

How to make small Easter eggs and bunnies:
1. Place some milk chocolate in a plastic bowl and microwave on high for 20sec at a time until melted
2. Paint chocolate moulds with a thick layer of  melted chocolate

3. Mix Cocopops, chopped cherries and nuts into the remaining melted choc and fill the moulds

4. Bang moulds down onto a table to bring any bubbles to the top
5. Place in the fridge for about 5 minutes or until the chocolates pop easily out of the moulds

6. Repeat using white and dark chocolate or any combinations you choose
7. Add some edible glitter (if you can get hold of some)

8. Place chocolates in a gift bowl or hand-made nest, place in a cellophane bag and finish off with a ribbon
To appease the adult palette – substitute the Cocopop mixture by placing a nut, liquer-soaked cherry or a few cranberries into a half-filled pocket of milk chocolate and topping it up with dark or white chocolate.

Et voila. Some inspiration for cocoa indulgence (and something little people will be more than happy to lend a hand making and tasting).