Minichefs: mango smoothies

If you have never made your own smoothies, you totally should. Healthy, filling, easy and tasty – what more is there, really? They lend themselves to experimentation with whatever is in season (at the moment, mangoes are it, which you may have gathered while wandering between piles of mangoes at the supermarket).

Chopping board

Ingredients used:
Mango juice
Chopped mango
Chopped banana
Full cream flavoured yoghurt
Hundreds and thousands
A bit of honey

Making the smoothies (download printable version of this recipe)

1. Chop half a mango and half a banana

2. Place in blender jar

3. Add 100ml yoghurt

4. Add mango juice until required consistency

5. Blend until smooth

6. Smear a small amount of honey around the inside rim of a glass.

7. Invert the glass and dip in a bowl of hundreds and thousands.

8. Pour the smoothie into the glass, add a straw and enjoy!

Another exciting idea, is to chop and freeze banana slices with mango juice in ice cube trays for a couple of hours and then add these to the smoothie mix before blending. It gives the smoothies a more icy and ice-creamy consistency.

If you have leftover smoothie mix, add some juice and make mango lollies (in an ice tray if you don’t have lolly moulds). The addition of the rainbow-rim makes them very pretty and adds a sense of victory to the final product (which in this case were consumed with glee on the jungle gym).