Minichefs: holiday fun and gingerbread houses

The time of year has finally rolled around to tackle all those outlandish projects you’ve had pinned on your Christmas board throughout the year. So how about making a gingerbread house? It’s a rather grand sugar and spice solution to keeping little people busy this holiday.

mini gingerbread house

If you want to make one big, magical gingerbread house, head this way. If you would rather each child have a small house to build and decorate, use this recipe and cut out smaller houses with these mini stencils.

making mini gingerbread houses

For a kids decorating extravaganza, gather up your favourite sweets, pretzels, wafers and cake decorations. Mix up some colourful icing by adding a drop of colour to your royal icing (recipe here). You can also mix some icing sugar with water until the consistency is thick and then add your chosen food colouring.

When the gingerbread walls are cool, the kids can set about building their house, using the royal icing as glue.

mini gingerbread houses

Once, fully secure, the decorating can begin.

Gluing and decorating gingerbread houses

Kids have boundless creativity, you might even pick up some neat tricks from them. Erin decided her roof was too heavy so she made tiles from wafers. Neat, hey?

gingerbread decorating

And how cute are the little Nicoletta hearts above the front door? We especially love their willy wonka gardens.

minichef gingerbread houses

Don’t you love days when the hardest decision is what candy to use for a door knob? Happy gingerbread building, folks.

If you would like to take on your own gingerbread house adventure and create some charm for the Christmas table, head this way.

neutral and simple gingerbread house