March: What’s in the box?

We’ve dished up some great recipes in the month of March, so it’s high time we give you another chance to spread your creative cooking wings. With figs being fresh from the picking, we decided to put the spot light on them. Are you keen to cook with us? Here is this month’s What’s in the box? challenge.

recipe challenge

From the tiny mountain of eager participant emails we received, our Mug of Destiny chose Colleen Grove and Candice Le Noury as our lucky cooks for this month. Their ingredients are being shipped to them as we speak. Sigrid, our brilliant product copy writer, will also be taking part in March’s What’s in the box? challenge… and so can you.

delivery of what's in the box ingredients

Upon receiving their five ingredients, these three lovely ladies will commence the challenge. They can incorporate whatever their pantries have to offer with the five ingredients and, relying on past experience or the crafty fusing of various other recipes, they must cook up a spontaneous storm. With any luck and much fun, we should end up with three original home cooked meals like we did last month.

These are March’s five ingredients:

Pork chops
Baby potatoes

Ingredients for March what's in the box

Some inspiration from Spatula

Since figs are the stars in this challenge we thought we’d share some interesting figgie recipes to inspire you on their wonderful versatility.

Roasted sweet potatoes and fresh figs
Fig, cacioricotta and hazelnut salad
Fruit kebabs with chocolate sauce

Inspiration for cooking with figs

What could you make with these five ingredients?

Figs are in our ingredient selection for March

How to take part:

If you’re inspired to take part in this challenge, here’s what you need to do:

1. Grab these goodies for dinner
2. Cook up something tasty with reckless recipe abandon
3. Take a snap of your end result
4. Write a short blurb on what you made and what inspired you (no more than 250 words).
5. Send your snap and story to us at

With any luck the Mug of Destiny will pick you to receive next month’s box of ingredients. So with that in mind, let the impromptu cooking begin.

Now that this one is behind us, you can pop over here to see what Colleen, Sigrid and Candice made with their box of ingredients.