Make ice lollies with ZOKU: Pickle Juice Pops

Pickle juice ice lollies? Do you hear crickets? Contrary to what your human survival instincts might be whispering right now, they are delicious.

To make pickle pops, all you need is pickles (aka gherkins) in their brine. We recommend Koo and Goldcrest brands – The Goldcrest has very clear juice which goes white, whilst Koo (Sweet & Sour) has a lovely greenish tinge. Basically, use your favourite jar of pickles. Or make your own, with this easy step by step guice to pickle making.

Pickle Juice
Zoku Quick Pop Maker
Zoku Toolkit (not vital, but sure does help)
Your clever hands

Making pickle pops:
1. Either cut slices of pickles, or cut shapes from the slices, and stick them to the sides of the slots, using a toothpick or the wand from the Zoku Toolkit.

2. Insert sticks, fill with the juice/brine from the pickle jar and wait till they are frozen (the usual 7 minutes). To spruce and spice things up, try cutting some shapes (like hearts, sweet) from beetroot slices for a striking contrast mid-lolly.

For a popping sweet & sour effect layered deep crimson blueberry juice with the brine (the middle layer works well as a combination of the two).