Loving Legado: the search for the holy grail of coffee

Where would we be without coffee? It’s our midnight fuel when creativity calls and it’s our endurance when parenthood knocks on the door. For whatever reason you love coffee, it’s always good to know that the coffee you’re enjoying is as loved by its creators. We caught up with Legado owners Andrew, Regardt and Daniel, who definitely feel that way about their brand, to see what else lies behind the much loved coffee bean company.

Legado means ‘legacy’ in Portuguese and that is exactly what the company’s vision and mission for the industry is all about, from crop to cup. 

The company is based on a farm, in an old wine cellar converted into a roastery, in the beautiful wine lands of Stellenbosch, and it is through people’s enjoyment of coffee, experimentation and their beliefs, that they find their daily inspiration. Even though all three of the owners had solid careers in the business world, it was the love for coffee and simply a great idea that started off their joint Legado journey.

Their creative process is an honest and simple one, “our palates”. They continue to pride themselves on the growing relationships with their customers, as well as their integrity to stick to what they believe in, “we strive towards the pursuit of the perfect cup … the one thing that will always elude you, but the chase and expedition to find it keeps us searching for some of the best coffees out there.”

It’s the pursuit of that perfect cup of coffee which also inspired these guys to make rare batches and blends, along with trying to deliver consistency with skill and expertise.  This time around, we’re talking about their ‘Holy Grail’ blend, a showcase of two of the best coffees Legado have been privileged enough to stock. The ‘Holy Grail’ blend is unique because for them it is also a great analogy for their relationship with Yuppiechef.  The two coffees they used in this blend are their two most direct trade coffees, built on the backs of strong and growing relationships with the producers.”

We like to think is at the heart of Legado, an adventure in discovering and uncovering treasures for all to enjoy.”

Get a taste of Legado’s Limited Edition Holy Grail Blend, available online through Yuppiechef.